April 10, 2020 Airing out the Dirty Laundry

The Audacity of Justice

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Imagine being the victim of a crime, then having the courage to stand up against the person that victimized you and being strong enough to report them.

Could you imagine having the courage to report a man that is good friends with and is respect by some very powerful people? A man who was formerly second in command to the sheriff. Not just good friends, I am talking good girlfriends with one of the highest billable attorneys and the highest ranked judge in Forsyth County. And the newly elected sheriff used this creep that victimized you to help him solicit votes.

Not adult you, but 15 year old you.

A brave and courageous 15-year-old driving student of Lanier Tech dared to stand up to and report former police Captain Frank Huggins. After doing so, she was harassed online, had untrue statements made about her and her family, and was even called a liar.

All of this was an attempt to silence her, but she stood strong.

She sat through a trial and listened to the attorney of Frank Huggins downplay the incident. Saying that what Frank Huggins did, is essentially what any teacher would have done, in similar circumstances.


When a then 72-year-old Frank Huggins, reached his disgusting, liver-spotted, greasy old man’s hands on a 15-year-olds inner thigh, it was not to reassure or to guide the victims driving. It was for his sick sexual gratification. He whispered disgusting sexual innuendo to a child for his sexual arousal.

Frank Huggins is nothing more than a convicted kiddy fiddler and he is being protected by 3 Forsyth County elected officials.

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