April 10, 2020 Airing out the Dirty Laundry

integrity [ in-teg-ri-tee ]

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Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Integrity is one of the biggest issues in Forsyth County. Both the Sheriff’s office and any elected official is a clear disregard of integrity. So in addition to pointing out the obvious, Let’s start with what Integrity means.

I’ll give you some examples of “integrity” used in sentences.

Ron Freeman has many instances of questionable integrity; Frank Huggins, Ben Finley, and Chris Shelton are a few examples.

Penny Penn’s decision to allow, a then married James Dunn, to date a newly hired Heather (Chambers) Dunn, questioned the District Attorney’s integrity.

Judge Bagley’s decision to preside over a case in which his friend, Frank Huggins was the defendant was a poor example of his judicial integrity.

Kinda get the idea of what integrity is now?

With integrity, comes ethics and professionalism. Without these 3 key things, the door opens for sexting scandals, falsifying of records, unemployment, unwanted news coverage, and the enabling of a future sexual predator to prey on underage girls in his capacity of a driving instructor, right Ronnie?

Frank Huggins

A police agency that lacks integrity, ethics, and professionalism is essentially a criminal organization, similar to the Mobb. And like the Mobb, they dish out selective justice, while allowing their thugs to have free roam of the streets.

Referencing back to my beautifully penned open letter to Forsyth County, Ronnie H. Freeman lacks integrity. This audio reiterates my previous points made, so let’s revisit them, shall we?

Ron Freeman is the son of Satan?

So what about the integrity of the investigation?

As much as Ronnie wants everyone to believe that he doesn’t know Jose. Hell, he barely knows his name according to the audio right? Let’s go ahead and logically disprove this, with two things that were absent in this investigation. Logic and common sense.

Jose Barrera and his ex-girlfriend, prior to Jeanne Meyers, who is half her age and half her size. She is also well-liked and highly regarded in all of her circles, and is also an employee of Forsyth County. Between Jose and his ex, roughly 85% of all county employees know either or, both Jose and his ex.

Including Michael Christian, Andy Kalin, Tyler Sexton, Michael Garrison, and yes Ronnie Freeman.

Which is even more evident in the 911 call, when Jose took control of the call, the first thing he did was introduce himself by name. And I am sure the “Hey……” by the 911 operator was confirmation that she knew of him.

So you have an employee that could possibly know each and every person investigating him, but this was not a red flag.

You then have party guest, Stacey and Tom Smith and Nichole and Steven Lawson who are friends with Ronnie and his campaign manager. But this again was not a red flag.

Debois’s and the Smiths

It is well known in both the Sheriff’s office and in the courthouse that Andy Kalin and Jose Barrera are good girlfriends. But no one on either side thought that maybe having someone like Kalin supervising this investigation was not the best or brightest idea?

Penny Penn knew this.

Her office had as much power to request the GBI take over this investigation as the Sheriff, but no one said a word.

Just like the hole, Ronnie dug to stick Ben Finley in, so he could hide his sexting scandal. Ronnie had to make room for Sgt. James Cutcliff. But considering he already has Chris Shelton, Frank Huggins, and Todd Maloney in there, he’s running out of space to hide all of his shortcomings. Like his math, if you ask, it’s all fuzzy.

So despite the clear conflicts of interest, like having Andy Kalin investigate his pal, Jose Barrera. Or the conflict of his office investigating his personal pals, The Smith’s and the Lawson’s, and both couples are also really good friends with his campaign manager.

Ronnie sat back and watched as his team of investigators fumbled the investigation similar to the Falcons in the super bowl during the 4th quarter.

Falcons blow lead and lose superbowl

Tamla Horsford was a healthy woman. And prior to her death, she did not appear to be intoxicated. She was found face down in an almost perfectly staged position, is suspicious. Just like Andy Kalin making follow up calls to the medical examiner, to hurry him along and close the investigation is suspicious.

All of the persons of interest were in some way connected to the sheriff and they were given a pass.

So I will explain to you how Ronnie’s lack of integrity allowed him to obstruct the friends and family of Tamla St.-Jour Horsford of justice.

The probable cause issues. Probable cause as it is defined is a reasonable belief that a person has committed or will commit a crime.

You didn’t even have to graduate from watching Scooby Doo to CSI to be able to point out all the probable cause in this case.

World Class Detectives.
  • Inconsistent stories.
  • Suspicious time lapses
  • Missing primary vehicle
  • Suspicious behavior by “persons of interest”
  • The tampering of evidence (the Smiths left Tamla’s shoes in her kitchen a week after her death)
  • Or even the fact Jeanne Meyers attempted to bribe investigators with gift cards during Madeline Lombardo’s interview or the fact she coerced her written statement.

IImagine running a red light and getting pulled over by Forsyth County and telling them; “Hey the light was yellow” they believe you and they let you go on about your way. That is essentially what happened here. Not a single “alibi” was corroborated. Some witness statements were even taken almost a month after the incident.

So did Michael Christian, and Det. Sexton conduct interviews or did they hold mini therapy sessions for the 12 persons of interest to talk out their feelings on this situation?

Aside from your deputies chasing down sex offenders that Bagley let off with lenient sentences for failure to register, and busting up happy meth labs, why did it take up to a month to get statements from everyone present?

10 years ago, when I was a high school senior, we glued all the teachers’ supplies to a hard surface. Like the eraser, pens, books, hell even the wheels on her chair. It took the entire day, but our school administers were able to question and get statements from each senior, some 200 of us. But why did it take Michael Christian almost a month to speak with 12 people?

This is very much similar to your first proposed budget Ronnie, it’s not adding up.

Ronnie why were you so quick to dismiss Tamla’s father? And more importantly, why did you allow Major Joe Perkins to have a bitch fit? He acted like a triggered middle school girl, from the early 2000s who found out hot topic discontinued Lisa Frank trapper keepers?

So are you protecting future campaign donors? Are you hiding their dirty little secrets from getting exposed? Or is it something more sinister?

Let’s put our Master’s degree’s together Ronnie and figure this out,… It’s a little tough but I think we can do it. Are you ready? You might want to put on your thinking cap for this one.

A middle-aged woman hosts a party at her home, and invites some of her “friends”. These friends come over, drink and have a good old merry time. One lone guest does drugs and has an over the limit blood alcohol limit. But not a single witness can attest to her being under the influence. And everyone is shocked that there were drugs in her possession. Because none of these upstanding football moms did drugs.

In an initial sweep of the house and later overlooking crime scene photos, things are missing. The victims’ shoes and her cellphone in particular. The explanation that is given by Stacey only makes sense if you were drunk. Which aside from a toxicology report no one said she appeared to be drunk.

She is found, again in a damn near perfectly staged prone position. Missing her jacket, her shoes, and her cellphone. And no one knew Tamla was out wandering around with an over the legal blood alcohol level? But everyone knew Jennifer Morrell was drunk. She had to be physically helped to bed to make sure she did not hurt herself right?

And when Stacey and Tom left they noted her bag was still in the kitchen. Wouldn’t a woman want her personal items with her? Isn’t it odd to see her belongings in the same spot they were the night before? Did Jeanne, not tell her guest what rooms they would be staying in, so the could put their bags and other personal belongings up?

Didn’t Jose say they cleaned that night after eating? Wouldn’t that be a second opportunity to tell Tamla, hey go put your stuff in the room??

Thinking Cap.

So Ronnie, do you have your thinking cap on good bud?

Tamla, according to Stacey and Bridgett wanted to leave. Which would make sense her bag would be stationed in an area going towards the door. If hypothetically speaking that is. If she was convinced to stay freely, wouldn’t she put her belongings back in the room she was staying?

Nichole and Marci left, according to reports Saturday night. Why wasn’t Tamla allowed to leave? I mean I understand the whole not drinking and driving bit, but couldn’t her husband picked her up?

Any reasonable person would think something in the water ain’t clean. From a logical standpoint, nothing adds up. Especially since the beginning of the investigation. Everything was greatly compromised, even neighbor’s statements saying one of Jeanne’s primary vehicle’s were missing. Wouldn’t that be the damn probable cause you needed Ronnie?

And why did you have awkward Joe deliver the press conference? Isn’t opportunities like this those public speaking and self-esteem class for?

18 U.S.C. § 1503 defines “obstruction of justice” as an act that “corruptly or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice.

Remember Byron Grogin right? He got the best of the best, but all Tamla got was Michael Christian and Andy Kalin. Maybe if her family was wealthy, and potentially a donor, the investigation would have been handled differently.


5 things people with integrity do.

Yours Truly ,

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