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Former Forsyth County court officer Jose Barrera fired

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An investigation into Jose Barrera, a former Forsyth County court officer has ended with his termination. Jose Barrera is accused of accessing or leaking personal information in regards to a death investigation in which he was a person of interest.

It took Robin S. Rooks only two days to fire former pre-trial officer Jose Barrera. On December 20th Barrera was fired a second time from a position with Forsyth County.

The friend of the victim, Michelle Wynne Graves alleges that Barrera used his position to access her personal identifying information and shared it with 5 other individuals.

Major Joe Perkins, a spokesman for the sheriff’s department stated that Barrera did not search for or access Graves’s personal information.

But Perkins stated the investigation determined that Barrera viewed multiple reports including a report made by his much older girlfriend, Jeanne Meyers that was an order of protection against Graves which seems to be information about Meyers. Barrera also looked at information that has yet to be released to the public in regards to the Horsford death investigation .

“What he did may not rise to a criminal level, but we’re outraged as a sheriff’s office about it,” Perkins said. “Mr. Barrera had the access to this information because of the job he did at pre-trial services. They need that to do their job … But when they overstep that boundary, when they start looking into things that have nothing to do with their job, we take that very seriously.”

Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman “personally asked for an investigation to be conducted into the matter.” Which was requested by Michelle Wynne Graves.

This is the second time in which Barrera has been fired from a position in Forsyth County.

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