January 22, 2020 Airing out the Dirty Laundry

Judge Jeffrey S. Bagley

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Judge Jeffrey Bagley Forsyth County Superior Court

Chief Superior court judge

Is a 4 term judge in Forsyth County. 4 term because he has been the sole candidate for 12  years.


Bagley received his undergraduate degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and his J.D.degree from Emory University School of Law.


2000-2018: Judge, Bell-Forsyth Circuit

1996-Present: Vice chairman, Forsyth Bancshares, Inc.

1997-2000: Judge, Forsyth County State Court, Georgia

1992-1997: Partner, Boling, Rice, Bettis, Bagley & Martin



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Bagley is your typical over =weight conservative judge, he uses his judicial powers to rule in favor of privilege. 

One thing I will say is that he looks like a fat ass Harry Potter.